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Google Adwords News

CPM Advertising at Google Adwords

What exactly is CPM. The acronym CPM stands for Cost Per M the M being the roman numeral for one thousand. The cost part being how much and the M part for each 1,000 impressions/downloads your text advert/banner receives, prices start from less than 1.00 per 1,000 impressions.

CPM is not a new way of advertising on the web, but it is a new option now available for your Google Adwords campaign on the Google advertising Network.

Your ad on multiple sites

The major advantage of CPM targeted Adwords is that your Google Adwords campaign can now target named sites.

For example if you provide services to the entertainment world, your campaign can target potential clients at highly relevant entertainment web sites who belong to the Google Network, for example The Stage.

Google Adwords includes country and language targeting which helps focus your ad budget more effectively, after all if you only supply UK clients you do not want your ad showing in the US or Australia.

Increasing visitors and conversions with banner based Google Adwords

Google's CPM advertising option provides you with an additional visitor generating traffic stream to your web sites landing pages's.

Down to business - What you need to succeed:

Creating the banner Ads

  • Formats and examples for the banner ads Google Adwords Banner Sizes: 5 sizes (728x90, 468x60,120x600, 160x600, 300x250).
  • File formats include .JPEG, .GIF, or .PNG format.
  • The banner maximum file is 50 KB but the lower the size the better.
  • Your banner Adwords can include animation but not looped. One play only.
  • Show products that photograph well. Show smiling, confident, attractive people, use warm, happy colours and strong calls to action "Win Free" "Join today" "Click for Latest Offers".
  • You must make banner ads in all five formats. The websites that will display your banner ad specify the banner size space, your banner must fit that space.
  • Click Through Rates are hard to judge at this time, but we have heard of Google banner CPM ads achieving 30% plus CTR.
Start winning more business today
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