Keyword Research

Keyword research is the key to running a successful web site marketing campaign

Highly targeted keywords and key phrases/search terms are the foundation of a successful business web site marketing campaign that includes search engine and or sponsored listings. Search engines index words/text, searchers enter words/text and results are in words/listings.

Our keyword research process has been developed to find targeted keywords and phrases with high demand that are relevant to your products/services.

Quality keywords/phrases - not quantity

You know that your website listing needs to be found in the first two pages of the search engine results page for a keyword/phrase that results in sales and enquiries, not just top for any word or phrase. You need qualified visitors to your website not just high ranking search engine listings!

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keyword/phrase reports include:
  • Search term demand - estimated daily traffic for keywords/phrases and related topics
  • Estimated number of visitors you will receive
  • Search term supply - the number of competing pages for the keywords/phrases
  • Extensive list of up to 100 keyword/phrases
  • Recommendation on best keywords/phrases to use for your web site marketing campaign

Keyword research process

Using a combination of processes, including analysis of your log files, brain storming with you. We research behaviour and linguistics, including misspelled words, singular and plural (e.g. "car" and "cars"), typo's using our specialist tools, including a data base of over 300 million fresh actual search terms collected over the last 60 days from a variety of search engines.

The report will include successful keywords/phrases
that are relevant to your web site and have the highest demand. The search term portfolio will be applied to your sponsored listing campaign and for use with directory submission and optimisation of your web pages.

The objective is to drive the maximum number of qualified visitors to your business website.

Search Engine Marketing Services
in action

Keywords can be made up of three or four separate words e.g. "flats to rent london" or "flats london". Both phrases are keywords, one of them would achieve up to 70% more searches and have fewer competing pages, resulting in more visitors for your website pages - Keyword research-it makes profit!

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