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"Guaranteed top 3 position on major search engines with pre-qualified prospects to your website in days"

Consumers are 5 times more likely to purchase your products after seeing search listings versus banners
Source:NDP Group

Pay per click (PPC) or sponsored listings are the quickest way to get your web site found, which is great, but a badly managed pay per click campaign will seriously damage your wealth.

SE Marketing work with a number of sponsored listing partners including Google Adwords and Yahoo, which means that you get the benefit of not having all your bananas in one basket.

Google introduces Adwords CPM - a cost effective way to target multiple web sites with your ads and win more business.
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Pay-Per-Click benefits:

  • Guaranteed top 3 listing on major search engines within days! - your web page listing at the top and in the top UK and international search engines and directories including Yahoo, Ask-Jeeves, MSN, , etc. with over 80% search audience reach!
  • Generating ready to buy visitors to your website - PPC offers high visitor to sale/enquiry conversation rates, which means a high return on your investment
  • Highly targeted - target potential clients at the time when they need your product/service, ideal for special and seasonal offers or when you need extra sales or enquiries quickly
  • Low cost - low risk - you pay for results only - from as little as £0.20p per visitor
  • Flexible control - run a campaign for a week, month or longer plus switch your campaign on and off in line with your company's demand for sales/enquires.

PPC Management Services

Relax we do the work - you get the benefits - visitors and sales!

For best results we suggest that you integrate your PPC campaign with our web site marketing services which includes web page optimisation and incoming link building services or we can run your Pay-Per-Click campaign independently. All our campaigns are custom made to fit your needs and budgets. Sponsored web site visitor packs start at only £450 for 2000 visitors.

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  • Contact you for a one-to-one brief - we will work with you to determine your objectives, enquiries, sales or other actions. Agree budgets and expected conversion rates, plus geographic area (UK, USA, Europe) you service. With this information SE Marketing well develop you a winning strategy to deliver a high return on your campaign investment. - SE Marketing can also take over and manage your existing campaigns.
  • Keyword data mining - to select multiple sales/enquiry generating keywords/phrases - with current cost prices per click and estimate of visitor numbers you can expect
  • Tracking and monitoring - set up a live on-line tracking system for your campaign so you can see the results.
  • Create and place effective listings - related to your keywords/phrases to generate you ready to buy visitors
  • Deep linking - link your PPC search engine listings direct to your website offers/sales converting pages or if required build effective landing pages for your campaigns to convert visitors to sales for you
  • Independently manage, monitor and control up to 500 of your search terms - up to 48 times a day 7 days a week using rules based bidding strategies (Position - Max Bid- Gap Surf etc) across up to 16 PPC providers to achieve maximum coverage with the best positions at the best price per click
  • Live web stats results - you can see the results of your campaign, visitor numbers plus which search engines, which search terms, conversion rates and revenue generated by day, week etc.
  • Fully managed - SE marketing take a hands on approach to drive qualified visitors to your website by applying our knowledge, experience, understanding and use proven techniques

Pay-Per-Click - what is it - how does it work?

You may have seen "Sponsored Listing" or "Sponsor Matches" or "Sponsored Results" when you search on major search engines (Ask-Jeeves™) and directories (Yahoo™) or Adwords on Google™. The top 3 or 4 results are supplied to the search engines by Pay-Per-Click/Pay-For-Performance partners.

Search results are determined by advertisers bidding on targeted keyword e.g."flats to rent in London" in an on-line, real time auction , the higher the bid, the higher the listing. You only pay the bid price when your link/listing is clicked.

pic pay pay click example showing bid positions

Below is a real life example for the keyword/phrase "flats to rent in london" to demonstrate why you should consider using an independent search engine marketing company like us to manage your PPC campaign. The number one bidder "globe apt" is paying over 50% more than they need, plus paying to be number one is not always the best strategy!

# URL Title Bid Prev Rank Prev Bid
1 London Apartments to rent £0.75 1 £0.75
2 MetroSpace Flats to Let in London £0.33 2 £0.33
3 Property rentals from prime location £0.32 3 £0.32
4 Short stay holiday & Corporate Flats £0.18 4 £0.28

Note: The minimum bid is normally £0.05 per click and you need only pay 1p more than the bidder below to secure your position, In the above example position 1 could be bidding £0.34 , no 3 could bid £0.19p. The above example shows how PPC bidding requires a strategy and constant monitoring to take advantage of bid gaps and opportunities.

Search Engine Marketing Services
Pay per click make or break

Pay per click listings are the quickest way to get your site listed and found for keyword search terms, but don't put all your bananas in one basket. A recent report by Iprospect discovered that not all search marketing campaigns are equal.

Most Relevant Search Result
(Determined by % of Search Engine Users)
Property Organic Paid
Google 72.3% 27.7%
Yahoo 60.8% 39.2%
MSN 28.7% 71.2%
AOL 50% 50%
Source: iProspect, Survey Sampling International, WebSurveyor, and Stratagem Research April 2004

SE Marketing recommend that organic search engine optimisation should be included in your over all web site marketing campaign to capture the clicks that your PPC campaigns can't.

Every day millions of £££'s are wasted on ineffective advertising. Today you can start to harness the power of a fully accountable pay for results advertising medium via our PPC services.
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