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It's part science and part marketing. The science part relates to the search engines and how they rank your site, the marketing part is how visitors see your listing in the search engine results page and more importantly what action they take when they visit your site, SE Marketing is a specialist company which combines both the science and the marketing to meet your website marketing marketing needs.

London UK based

SE Marketing are based in the UK London North, close to the City-of-London, West End and M25 corridor. Ideally located to be able to offer you a personal service either at our offices or yours.

Technically competent

The SE Marketing team includes experts in database and internet development solutions serving UK and international clients. Our success is based on technical skills including PHP, SQL,.NET, HTML and XML programming and CSS for design, backed up with solid project management skills and a full understanding of business processes.

SE Marketing 12 months in the making

After 12 month's research and development, the company was created to assist companies in exploiting the huge opportunity created by the Internet.

UK companies dissatisfied

Our research concluded that a high percentage of UK companies with a website are very dissatisfied with the results achieved to date and very few had any form of search engine marketing strategy in place. The main reasons given were lack of awareness of the opportunities or lack of the skill set required in house or that they have left web site marketing to the web site designer.

We surveyed web site developers and discovered that very few had any formal marketing or search engine marketing skills, or just were not interested due to the extra time it takes and the extra knowledge required, after all your web site designer is just that a web site designer.

Professional certified services

Roy Coan with over 20 years sales and marketing experience and now SE Marketing's principal Search Engine Marketing Strategist is certified by USA based Academy of Web Specialists and WEB CEO.

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SE Marketing's objectives

Our objectives are clear. To deliver our clients' increased qualified web site visitors at a competitive price through applying solid proven search engine marketing processes, procedures and strategies. We know that your success will be ours!

Roy Coan
Principle Search Engine Marketing Strategist
Academy of web SE Marketing
Sinclair House
68 Willoughby Lane
London N17 0SP, UK
Tel: 020 8376 2030

PS: We know that many of our competitors will show you case studies on their sites. We don't, for a few good reasons including confidentiality. Do you really want your competitors to copy your/our techniques? We think not, plus we do not want to add to the SPAM mountain. However we are more than pleased to supply references, and during our one-to-one meeting, show you some of our secrets and successes, I know they will surprise you!

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Lack of a solid search engine strategy is a major mistake many on-line companies have made. Even if your site is maintained by an agency, they may not have the expertise or will charge dearly for it. You have a choice! either use a professional search engine marketing company or train your in-house staff to market your website.
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Sinclair House, 68 Willoughby Lane, London N17 0SP UK Tel:0208 376 2030
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