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Before we start your business web site marketing campaign. We work with a copy of your web site plus your website log files, and apply a step by step proven holistic process to analyse your existing web site pages, including site structure and visitor behaviour patterns, links and other factors. This allows us to create a benchmark starting point and develop a web site marketing strategy with a detailed plan for action designed specially for your business website. The audit includes:

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  • Web site briefing - one-to-one to discuss your company, its products/services, target clients, service area and your business web sites objectives - sales/leads/brand awareness/e-mail list building and your budget
  • Click through tracking and calls to action analysis - using sample data from your existing weblog files we will analyse your web site visitors and report on the 3 key web site traffic sources (search engines, referrers and campaigns) including sales conversion rates to create a benchmark to improve on. The example below shows apples are popular with visitors and bananas may need reviewingweb site audit ClickTracks analysis
    Fact: good navigation with effective calls to action gets results
  • Your current visibility/competitor analysis - report on your web site pages visibility including how many pages you have indexed on major search engines/directories and details of your on-line competitors
  • Technical appraisal/report - quality audit including page download times - HTML coding - check for broken internal and external links - spelling errors plus more
    Fact: visitors and search engines prefer fast loading error free pages
  • Effective site structure - how well organised your site is to allow search engine "spiders" and "crawlers" to index your site - we will suggest solutions and workarounds for any problems discovered
    Fact: search engines only read and index text not images
  • Links analysis - report on the number and quality of incoming links you have to your business website
    Fact: incorporating a links strategy can dramatically increase your qualified visitor numbers
  • Demand analysis - the demand for your products/services on the web measured by keyword and search term demand

Following the web site audit/evaluation we will provide an honest report for you and suggest any changes that may be required and why. We will also develop a search engine marketing strategy to meet your business website needs and objectives. We can work with you or your marketing department or web site designers/developers.

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Code can damage your wealth !

Website designers' primary objectives are to build you an attractive website. They may overlook the structure e.g. calls to action and code used, resulting in slow loading pages and lost custom for you. Part of our process includes advice and assistance on improving your website's download times and increasing sales and enquiry requests through good website marketing techniques.
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